12 best locations for outdoor photoshoot in Bologna

Here is our top 12 best photo locations for outdoor photoshoot in Bologna. There are public locations so is not asked for any tax or special permission.

Our top 12 best photo locations for outdoor photoshoot in Bologna

The locations are suitable for portraits, engagement, wedding, family or pregnancy photo sessions. All the below pictures are taken by us (©Cristian Mihaila Photography).

1. Piazza Maggiore

Piazza Maggiore and its edifices is the most important touristic spot in Bologna. It is a wide space surrounded by San Luca Church, Neptune Fontaine, Palazzo Re Enzo and the City Hall. From photographic point of view is a beautiful, iconic spot. It is also the most crowdy part of the city, especially in the weekend.

Tip: find some angles, corners and walls that allows you to highlight mainly the person you photograph and allows you to avoid the crowd.




2. Piazza Santo Stefano

It is a pedestrian zone, in a triangular space near the beginning of Via Santo Stefano, both of which are named after the Basilica of Santo Stefano which is located on the piazza.
It’s also a very crowdy location.



3. Portici via Farrini

Bologna has 40 kilometer of porticos. Even if initialy had a wooden structure in time they become also a decorative element. We particulary like the painted porticos in via Farrini.



4. The Montagnola Park – the stairs from Irnerio side

Well this is what I would call an elegant location!
Suitable for sofisticated portraits or pregnancy photo shoots.



5. Due Torri

The two towers are the landmark of Bologna, situated in the center of the city.
Beeing the symbol of the city you cand use it to create some momeries for a touristic visit.
You can also use it in a more formal situation to empower the portrait subject.


6. Streets from center

Just get lost on the streets from the center. You will surely find a lot o good pose locations: narrow streets, medieval architecture.

This a good way to step away from the crowd and take a more quiet moment.


7. Palazzo della Mercanzia

Found in the near vecinity of Two Towers it’s a very crowdy spot.
Suitable for family, portrait or engagement photo shoot.

8. The park Giardini Margherita

The public park located just south of the city centre is a large green space, well kept.
Suitable for family or lyfestyle photo shoot. Amazing in autumn.


9. Quartier Saragozza

A more quite location in the historical center with interesting brick walls.

best locations portrait photographer bologna saragozza
best photo locations portraits Bologna saragozza

10. The view from San Michele in Bosco

The church San Michele in Bosco it’s located on one of the Bolognia’s Hills and from its churchyard the whole city can be seen. The perspective over the city is beautiful and it’s very suitable for a wedding or engagement photoshoot.


11. The garden Villa delle rose

Imagine an elegant garden, a former residence of a wealthy family in the past century.
The place is characterized by ornamental gardens, balconies, statues.
We usually advice this place for portrait shootings, for the shy persons or people who simply wants to avoid the center of the city.


12. Talon Park

The Tolan Park si a wide park near Bologna, in Casalecchio di Reno.
We recommand it for lyfestyle, family shootings or outdoor portraits.

You want to make an professional outdoor photo shoot in any of the locations from Bologna? Contact us now and togheter we will translate any of your ideas in amazing images!

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